Inactive Hiveage Account Policy

In our continuous effort to provide a streamlined and secure experience for our users, Hiveage has implemented a comprehensive policy for managing inactive accounts. This policy includes both the archiving of inactive accounts and their eventual deletion under specific conditions. This article aims to provide a clear understanding of this policy and its implications for Hiveage users.

Defining Account Inactivity

An account is considered inactive if there has been no login activity for more than 90 days. In this context, “activity” solely refers to logging into your Hiveage account.

Archiving Inactive Accounts

After an account has been inactive for 90 days, it will be automatically archived. The archiving process involves:

  1. Restricted Access: The account becomes inaccessible to the user.
  2. Data Retention: All data within the account, such as invoices, bills, and client information, will be securely stored but not accessible.

Deletion of Archived Accounts

The most crucial aspect of this policy is the deletion of accounts post-archiving:

  1. 90-Day Window: If an archived account is not reactivated within 90 days from its archival date, it will be scheduled for permanent deletion.
  2. Permanent Deletion: This step involves the irreversible removal of the account and all its associated data from our servers.
  3. Loss of Data: Once deleted, the account and all its contents, including invoices and client data, cannot be recovered.

Preventing Archiving and Deletion

To avoid your account being archived and subsequently deleted:

  • Regular Login: Ensure to log into your Hiveage account at least once every 90 days.
  • Timely Reactivation: If your account is archived, promptly contact our support team within the 90-day window for reactivation.

Data Security and Privacy

Hiveage adheres to strict data security and privacy standards. All actions, including account archiving and deletion, are conducted securely, respecting user privacy and complying with data protection regulations.


Our Account Archiving and Deletion Policy is an essential component of our commitment to providing a secure and efficient service. We encourage regular engagement with your Hiveage account to fully benefit from our services. For any concerns or assistance, our support team is readily available to assist.

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