Hiveage Knowledge Base

Getting Started

Set up your Hiveage account, add business details and clients, start invoicing.

6 articles

Your Account

Changing your Hiveage email and ID, updating the credit card for your plan etc.

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Invoicing & Billing

Sending estimates, invoices and bills, set up recurring invoicing, invoice settings.

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Manage Payments

Add/edit payments, send payment receipts, reminders, and account statements.

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Payment Gateways

Connect Stripe, Worldpay, PayPal, Square, Braintree and other payment gateways.

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General Features

Manage your team, contacts and files, use advanced search, Markdown for formatting.

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Custom email and domain, taxes, discounts and shipping, localization, templates etc.

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Dashboard reports for a quick overview, and detailed reports for in-depth analysis.

2 articles

Time, Expenses and Mileage

Track time, expenses and mileage, convert them to invoices.

3 articles

Data Import & Export

Import data as CSV or from other software, export as CSV, PDF etc.

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GDPR compliance, Notes on features applicable to grandfathered plans,

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