Using Search

All your invoices, bills, estimates and other items are instantly searchable on Hiveage. When you want to edit an invoice or check a previous time entry or track an old expense, our advanced search facility will take you there in no time.

Basic Search

When you simply search for a certain term or phrase, the results will show every item which contains any of your keywords. It’s the easiest and simplest way to search, and will automatically search multiple fields in the relevant section (e.g. invoice number, summary, and notes in the Invoices section).

Searching for a Specific Term

You can enclose your search term in quotes “like this” if you want to find items with that exact phrase.

For example, if you search for “Tea Packets” in the Invoices section, you will be able to view all the invoices with the phrase Tea Packets. If you search it without quotes, it will match both Tea and Packets separately.

Special Characters

If you want to search for an invoice which has any of the following special characters, you need to use \ (backslash) before the special character:

<code>! ( ) { } [ ] ^ “ ~ * ? : \

E.g.: When you type sale!, it will not show the intended result. You need to type it as sale\!

Partial Words

You can use an asterisk (*) as a search wildcard.

EX: If you type IN*O, it will not only show objects with the word info but will also include words like intro, and indigo.

Note that Hiveage automatically appends an asterisk at the end of the term to support partial matching.

Word split

Word split is an additional feature which will make searching more easier for you.

For example, if your invoice has the term Wi-Fi, it will be searched using both Wi and Fi.

  1. Split on all non-alphanumeric characters – Wi-Fi will split into Wi and Fi
  2. Split on case transitions – PowerShot will split into Power and Shot
  3. Split on letter and number transitions – SD500 will split into SD and 500

Date and Time Formats

Hiveage supports different date and time formats in its search

Format Example
YYYY 2016
YYYY-MM 2016-05
MM-DD 05-26
YYYY-MM-DD 2016-05-26
HH 14
HH:MM 14:30
YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM 2016-05-26T14:30
YYYY-MM-DDTHH 2016-05-26T14

The following date search terms can be also used in Hiveage:

today, yesterday, this_week, last_week, this_month, last_month, this_year, last_year, last_minute, this_minute, last_hour, this_hour

january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, october, november, december

last_january, last_february, last_march, last_april, last_may, last_june, last_july, last_august, last_september, last_october, last_november, last_december

sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday

last_sunday, last_monday, last_tuesday, last_wednesday, last_thursday, last_friday, last_saturday

Hiveage has introduced Search Modifiers for most accurate search results. Read more about search modifiers, how to use Boolean operators in your search and all searchable fields.

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