Using the Trash

Your account’s Trash can be a lifesaver. It has one job and one job alone: to save your recently deleted data in case you want to restore it!

Deleting Items

In list mode, you can delete an invoice, bill, estimate, track entry, business, file, payment receipt or saved category by clicking  Settings > Delete in the dropdown box next to any item.

Deleting an item from a list

Alternatively, if you already have an item open, you can just click  Options and hit Delete.

Deleting a single item

Restoring Items

To have a look at your deleted items, open Trash from the main menu.

Accessing the Trash

In list mode, click the checkbox next to the item and hit  Settings > Put back to send it back to where it came from.

Restoring an item

If you’d like to restore everything you have in the trash, just hit Settings > Select all before you do Settings > Put back.

Clearing your trash

Clearing your trash is as easy as hitting Empty Trash.

Clearing the trash

You can also delete individual items permanently from the Trash, by clicking the checkbox next to the item and selecting  Settings > Delete Permanently.

Warning: not all items are equal!

Yes, sadly Trash can only restore some items. Here is the breakdown:

Item Can it be restored?
Businesses Yes*
Invoices Yes
Recurring Invoices Yes
Bills Yes
Estimates Yes
Payment Receipts Yes
Saved Categories No
Time Entries No
Expense Entries No
Mileage Entries No
Files No

* If the business you’re trying to delete has statements (invoices, bills, estimates) that are still in pending, you will not be allowed to delete the business. You will have to delete these pending statements before deleting the business.

Updated on October 3, 2017

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