Accepting payments via WePay

Setting up WePay for Hiveage is super easy, but requires you to login to both your WePay and your Hiveage accounts.

In your WePay account

Grab the following:

  • Access Token from the API Keys tab of your WePay dashboard – This grants Hiveage permission to do things on your behalf.
  • Account ID from your WePay dashboard – This is the ID of the payment account where you can collect money.

using the wepay payment gateway

In your Hiveage account

1.Select Integrations from the main menu..

2. Click the WePay module.
 Click the WePay module

3. Enter your  Account ID and Access Token.

4. Click  Save and enable.

using the wepay payment gateway

If you enable Wepay by default, it will appear as a payment method on all invoices you send from Hiveage. Alternatively, you can leave it unchecked, and enable Wepay for individual invoices from each invoice’s Invoice Settings section.

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