Sending Payment Reminders

Reminding clients to pay for scheduled invoices is now really easy with Hiveage. Follow these quick simple steps to send payment reminders.

With Hiveage sending payment reminders can be done both manually and automatically.

(Customize your reminders in Settings Account Customizations Notes & Emails.)

Sending Payment Reminders manually

  1. Open an invoice you have already sent.
  2. Once you have it open, click on the Options button at the top
  3. Select Send Reminder.
Sending a manual payment reminder

Please note that reminders can only be sent for invoices that are in the  SentViewed or Partial states.

Sending Payment Reminders automatically

With Hiveage now you can send reminders automatically for both invoices and estimates.

To enable this feature, these are the steps to follow.

1. Go to  Settings > Account Customizations > Notes and Emails

2. Under  Automatic Reminders & Notifications, there are two reminders each for both invoices and estimates.

Automatic reminders section

You can specify when to send each reminder.

Enabling automatic reminders

Customize each massage to suit your requirement.

Once these are all set, you can enable automatic reminders to apply by default for all invoices and/or estimates.

1. Go to  Settings > System Preferences > Statements

2. Check the tick box Always send automatic payment reminders to all invoices.

Enabling automatic reminders by default

You can also enable automatic payment reminders for selected individual invoices and estimates.

  1. Select and open the invoice or estimate.
  2. Click on the Invoice Settings button at the bottom.
  3. Tick Send automatic payment reminders under Other Settings.
Enabling automatic reminders for an invoice

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