Canceling Your Account

You can cancel both a business in Hiveage and your personal account (i.e. your Hiveage login). These options are available separately because you can own and manage multiple businesses with a single Hiveage login.

Cancelling a Business

Only the business account owner can cancel a business in Hiveage (i.e. other team members are not able to cancel a business). Upon cancelation, all data in the business account will be deleted permanently.

Before canceling your business, please consider exporting your data from Settings > Data Import/Export.

To delete your business account, go to Settings > Reset or Cancel Account.

Cancelling an Account

Before cancelling your account, you need to cancel all businesses owned by it following the instructions above.

The option to cancel your account is available in Your Global Profile, accessible from the drop down menu with your name, in the top bar.

Click the button with a trash can icon at the bottom of your global profile screen to permanently delete your Hiveage account.

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