Adding multiple businesses

You can create multiple businesses under your main Hiveage account. They are kept independent of each other, but you will be able to access them all with a single login.

To add more businesses to your account, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into Hiveage, and go to your Hiveage Launch Pad (if you’re inside a business account, click on the logo at the top left).

Hiveage Launch Pad

2. Click Add a Business
Add a Business

3. Add the Organization name (or select Not an Organization if it’s an individual), enter your desired Hiveage ID, and hit Create Business
Organization name

That’s it. Now this new business will show up on your Hiveage Launch Pad, allowing you to switch between businesses with ease, and manage them with a single Hiveage login.

Upgrading Multiple Businesses

Subscription upgrades and modules enabled for one of your businesses do not apply to other businesses in Hiveage. However, we offer discounts when you upgrade more than one business.

When upgrading your plan or enabling a module for businesses 2 to 5, we offer a 25% discount, and for businesses 6 and above, we offer a 35% discount.

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